A Candid Step By Step Maintenance Guide For Your Push Mower

Just like any farm equipment, a push mower needs regular checkups to ensure efficiency. Some of the things that are supposed to be done on your push mower do not need an expert in order to fix them. Granted, we are talking of maintenance tips that will keep your machine in the right job perspective.

Push mowers are not very different with other mowers. To that end, most of the things that you will learn here will definitely be of help even if you were dealing with other types of mowers apart from the push mower that we are speaking of today. Here is a step by step manual for you:

1. Perform Visual Inspection

During this inspection time, you will be needed to look around your push mower from an open area where everything will be vivid. It will be assumed that preferably it will be during the day. It will give you ample time to inspect and:

Tighten and loose nuts as well as replace any lost onePaint, prime or sand any rusted parts Replace any wire that is bare or insulate

2. Remove The Mower’s Spark Plug

This is important for any repairs. Especially if the repair involves powering of whatever engine as long as there is a plug. It is prudent to remove it, at least away from the cylinder head.

3. Rightly Position Your Mower

You have to learn the art of tipping your push mower rightly lest you will not be able to do your checkup correctly. The following will be of help:

Basically, it is not a good idea to tip your push mower. But in case you intend to check your oil filters and if you have fears that there might be some spillage, it is wise to clamp it a little bit. In case your mowers a four stroke engine, don not tip it on the side where lies the spark plug. Most of such will spill the oil into air filters when tipped. But if it is a two stroke type of a mower, you just need to turn off its fuel tap. Again, beware that many four stroke mowers are likely to pour oil if tipped since their carburetors are float types.

4. Sharpen Or Change The Blade If Necessary

It is easier if you give it this approach: with a clean cotton string inserted into the cylinder head, try and lock the piston at the same time, be removing the blade bolts.

5. Check Your Mower’s Motor’s Air Filter

It is good to know that if your mower’s air filter is dirty, the performance is jeopardized. If your mower has difficulties while starting or has a weak idle, it is a sign that your filter is not in good condition. It warrants change.

6. If Necessary, Change The Oil

Four stroke mowers are good to perform better if their oil is changed at least once every year. So if you are doing this, remove the plug and after draining the old oil, replace it with genuine new oil. NOTE: Do not mix old and new oil.

From here, you can comfortably wind up the service by replacing everything and unclamp the machine. Now you are ready to carry on until next service.

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manual reel mower

push reel mowers

Manual push mowers have benefits to their owners in many ways. The manual reel mowers normally cut grass efficiently just like the power lawn mower. They are cheap and have a low maintenance cost. The reel mowers have three major operational components namely, blades, cutter blades and reel.

The following article will outline the viability of the old fashioned manual reel mower in its primary function of lawn mowing.


How does the manual reel mower works?

The typical mower has a blade that spin and cuts the top of the grass. As you push your mower forth and back, it rotates like a helicopter while trimming the grass to the desired level. It cuts the grass like a pair of scissors.



Benefits of the reel mower.


#They don’t emit pollution- the gas-powered reel mower may look small in size but has the tremendous impact on the environment. It spits out a load of air-pollution. The manual reel mower is an easy option since it does not need any gasoline to push its wheels. It is powered by your own energy and therefore limits the instance of dangerous gaseous emissions.


#Easy and simple to operate. The push reel mowers are simple machines. You will only push and its blades spin around cutting the grass to the desired size. It does not put you to the hassle of starting the engine, or going for gasoline to start up your mower. You only walk and the job is done.


#They are cheaper and affordable. The push reel mowers are affordable in the market. If you get the smaller classic model, it will cost less than $100.It is cheaper since it does not have any maintenance cost. It is therefore a cheaper option since the price of gas is has gone up in the recent past.


#It is exercising equipment. Push reel mowers are good equipment for your exercising needs. It is man powered and requires your energy for it to work and it is like pushing the prowler sled around your compound. When you are done with your work, you are in a better shape and your lawn will be looking better.


#Safety. The reel mowers are safer compared to the power mowers. If the power mower is carelessly handled, it can turn out to be a rolling death trap. Most Americans, mostly children are injured by a lawn mower annually. For instance, mowing over a rock hidden in grass can turn into a projectile object moving at a speed of 300 mph. This can be perilous especially if it takes to someone’s eye. The reel mower is therefore much safer compared to the power mower.


#It makes mowing a pleasurable activity. You enjoy the work of the reel mower as its blades spin and cut the grass in front of the mower and leave a green cascade of grass. It also leaves the clean cut edges and finally gives the beautiful look of the lawn.


#They are quiet. If you don’t like the noise, the manual reel mower is the perfect option. The power engine has the ear deafening noise for extended period of time. You can do your mowing anytime of the day without worrying about other activities since it has minimal noise disturbances.

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